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We Believe In Builders

Our software is actively building around the impossible and fixated on inspiring innovation, with hopes of changing the lending we know today. A configuration-first approach and powerful API redefine the status quo, giving us and you the building blocks needed to make the impossible inevitable; it’s time to build.

Beyond Software

We’ve built more than a product, we’ve built a home in Utah Fintech. From our early conception in a used car lot to our office in the heart of Farmington now, we’ve relied on the camaraderie of Utah business and their “builder” mentality, even becoming the chapter head for “Silicon Slopes North.”

Recognized for our successful growth by many outlets including the Inc 5000 and Utah 100, LoanPro is enjoying a period of stable hyper-growth, with plans to add over 450 new high-paying tech jobs in Utah over the next 15 years.

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Our Story

Like all great origin stories, ours began amidst unlikely circumstances.

Our founders, Rhett, Ben, and Lloyd Roberts were no strangers to hard work. Summers mowing lawns, and a myriad of businesses ranging from cooking dutch oven to raising cows on a farm proved that.

When they bought a used car lot which they named “Set Price Auto,” They found themselves in the need for expanded profitability. The brothers decided to dip into the lending world, and started offering financing for their vehicles.

As their portfolio grew, they discovered the need for loan management software, and upon searching the marketplace were disappointed to be met with outdated software, old interfaces, and a general lack of helpful features. There was a serious industry need for updated loan servicing software, a need the brothers decided to fill, by building their own.

The software they created met their needs as lenders so well, other auto lenders took notice of their new growth and started to request access to the platform in search of similar outcomes. It soon became clear that each lender did things somewhat differently. To accommodate these differences, a new version of the software was created and marketed under the name “AutoPal”, which became extremely popular with clients in all 50 US states and every province in Canada.

In 2013 the founders once again started from scratch and built an application designed to accommodate multiple loan types, provide greater data visibility, accuracy, and scale with its users. This application is what we know today as LoanPro.

Today, LoanPro offers configurations for thousands of lending types and products, with a robust API that allows lenders the flexibility and customizability which has been missing for the space for so long.

LoanPro was built by lenders, for lenders.

Improving the World

“Become More” is LoanPro’s charitable arm with the current focus of providing service opportunities to help impoverished Cambodians. Its mission is to “Unite young adults to “Become More” through service experiences that increase gratitude, growth and giving as we seek to alleviate extreme poverty in the world.”

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LoanPro HQ

172 N East Promontory, Suite 300
Farmington, UT 84025

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Monday-Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm MST
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Support (800) 559-4PRO
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