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Payments and Loan Collection Software Suite

All the tools needed to store, process, and collect payments in a single loan servicing software.


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Loan Payment Processing

We have over 1,200+ clients, including banks, financial institutions, and loan servicing companies, all of whom trust our Secure Payments wallet to process loan payments and improve collections. With our software, you can use one of nine pre-built loan payment processing integrations or stack them for redundancy.

  • Initiate online payments securely within the LoanPro platform
  • Includes ACH, eCheck, EFT, bank, credit, and debit card payments
  • Tokenized secure payment info 
  • Process individual transactions, or batch at scale
  • Auto-route transactions to different bank accounts

Increase On-time Payments

Modern loan payment processing tools allow your lending business to offer more comprehensive payment options. This helps borrowers pay loans more easily, so lenders can recover money, increase cash flow, and reduce the risk of default.

Improve Your Collection Process

Drive better collection outcomes, increase revenue, and smooth out the lending process with LoanPro’s robust suite of loan management and reporting tools. With our software, you can accurately manage each loan and ensure customers have their payments made in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Quickly run delinquent reports to identify high-priority accounts with an outstanding balance
  • Create custom process guides with step-by-step instructions
  • Use workflows to ensure communication compliance

Great tech support and great servicing platform! The autopay feature improved our collections by over 50% and the automated payment reminders allowed us to reduce delinquencies. Our customers have the ability to make payments online and see account information including an electronic version of their signed contract.

Gene GPresident

We've been looking for a software to manage our portfolio for several years and couldn't find anything that would do what we needed and not break the bank. It is reasonably priced and is easy to use. The software is also helping manage our delinquency and collection efforts. Phenomenal product!

Tyler D.CEO

We've almost entirely automated collections. It was a struggle for us to find good collectors, and since LoanPro automatically follows up on payments, we haven't needed to staff the same workforce.

Alex H.CEO

Servicing Suite

Welcome to the future of loan servicing. See how our loan manager utilizes next-gen technology to fit into your existing processes.

Customer Relationship Manager

Borrower-centric relationship management unlocks new heights of revenue, growth, and operational efficiency.

Building with LoanPro

From out-of-the box processes to custom configurations, build a product offering unique to your business.

Compliance Cover™

Is the fear of regulatory penalties slowing your scale? LoanPro enables lenders with regulatory tools built into our platform. Stay focused on what matters most – growing your business.


There’s no time like your time. Ease of setup, automated workflows, and custom process guides empower your servicing team, ensuring less costly errors and more time on your clock.


Service more loans faster. LoanPro is an operational efficiency powerhouse focused on making your portfolio perform. On average our customers see a 300% uptick in overall efficiencies.

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