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We value your voice

LoanPro believes that constant improvement is paramount for the success of our product as well as the success  of our customers. We fight complacency at every turn through a process that amplifies your voice.

This process isn’t simply a suggestion box, where papers get stuck in corners and ideas are lost and forgotten. Our formal process involves direct feedback from customers that directly influences our software roadmap and implements new features to our overall product.

What is LoanPro’s Voice of Customer (VOC) process?

LoanPro is always striving to provide the best products, process to our Customers. One tool we use to do this is to LISTEN closely to what they have to say. We call this process our “Voice-of-Customer” process. We take feedback from our customers, of any type & find ways that we can improve our policy, process, or product to better meet their needs.  Customers who participate in providing suggestions are key to our process for implementing improvements. These types of improvements can include policy changes, process adjustments, bug fixes, or new features being developed.

Our VOC process takes each of the feedback items & routes them to the appropriate team for consideration in our continual improvement loops. For example, our LoanPro Product team oversees our Product RoadMap including all new features requests, changes to existing functionality, infrastructure changes, or a new design… They take these ideas, organize them, and ideate how to solve the underlying problems to make the lives of our Customers easier.

For those ideas that are commonly desired or would add significant value, we have a “New Features” board in our specialized program in order to start working on specs and the technical side of getting these changes created and implemented. Once that feature is developed and thoroughly tested by the LoanPro team, we set it to be officially released on a certain date. Depending on how big or significant the change, the support team may communicate these changes with the customers upon completion. All changes are always included in our Release Notes.

To grasp the process a little better, let’s say you recommended to our customer support team that you think it would be a good idea to add an extra authorization step when setting up a payment method. That idea would be added to a message board that is frequently reviewed by members of the LoanPro Product team. We see this suggestion and agree with you, this is a change that we would like to make!

The Product team gets to work on your idea, and creating the project specification documents which are used by our Software developers creating code in LoanPro to solve the underlying concerns. Once that’s looking good and it’s been thoroughly tested by our Quality Assurance & User Acceptance Testing teams, we implement that change on the actual software in our next scheduled release date!

Everybody wins

One of our goals at LoanPro is to make sure that our customers win. When you win we win! You win by running a successful business. We win by providing you the tools to do that efficiently. We view each LoanPro Customer as a partner. So THANK YOU for your participation in our Voice-of-Customer process. If you’d like to have formal access to a ranking of product features in our Roapmap consideration please reach out to your LoanPro Success Specialist, they’ll send you a private link.

Will Gifford

Brand Manager | MBA | Dad | Avid Rock Climber